It's about the MIS specification, the freeware MIS Info Video, Info2MIS, AuctionSiteWriter and 1 Cool File

It's just a quick post to tell everyone that AuctionSiteWriter v2.1.0 is out.
It's just a quick post to tell everyone that MyStarterBlog v1.5.0 is out.

After a few months, I'm now launching MyStarterBlog v1.0.1. Please, read the offiicial product page for more details.

In fact, has been converted to use MyStarterBlog instead of WordPress. I can import most of WP but I did loose the old URL. In this case, I don't care since MyStarterBlog is meant to be a WordPress alternative for secondary blogs that are less updated like If someone is just starting to blog, it can be use for that too.

Continue reading: Officially Launching MyStarterBlog

It's just a quick post to tell everyone that AuctionSiteWriter v2.0.1 is out.
It's just a quick post to tell everyone that AuctionSiteWriter v1.3.0 is out.
See Free Movies Legally v3.0 is now available and it's bigger and better. Again, it took a bit longer than expected to update the report.

What's new without telling the content ;)

  • 37 pages versus 26 pages in v2

  • Better organized content

  • Added a family project chapter to show how to use the method

  • Added 4 new bonus chapters including Play Free Games(Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii...)

  • Now using Aweber to be able to offer a newsletter (more below).

  • Only buyers can resell the report

  • Affiliate get 100% commission

  • Free updates of the report

  • $10USD rebate on one of the tool

It's just a quick post to tell everyone that AuctionSiteWriter v1.2.0 is out. I did not finish the documentation( but soon) It's priced at $22USD until October 31, 2008.
A beta version of AuctionSiteWriter is now available.

The new Site Statistics form will partly replace Domain Dashboard. It will give the PageRank, Whois Dates, Indexed page Backlinks, Keyword tracking for each site. It's only available to registered users.

No documentation was added for the new feature. However, a 6 minutes Flash video is available on the server.
For the last few weeks, I was in pre-launch mode with my new software: AuctionSiteWriter.

Today, I'm officially launching AuctionSiteWriter with version 1.1.0.

What is AuctionSiteWriter?

In short: It's a software that will let you write auction sites in a few minutes.

Key Benefits

  • Create a site in seconds using phpBay API or eBay Widget

  • Save time by auto-filling most of the home and product pages for you on BANS

  • Use your own template for the Home page and Products page of the BANS site. If you have Niche Store Writer, just copy your template into ASW

  • Generate a RSS feed for each product page.

  • Generate a XML file for Bookmarking Demon(BMD) based on your BANS products with the option to hide you links.

  • Generate a XML file for Bookmarking Demon(BMD) using other links with the option to hide you links.

  • Generate your anchor text based on your keywords.

  • Analyze your BMD runs. This will help find social bookmarking and scuttle sites that don't accept your submissions. Create or export a working list of scuttle sites for you or others

  • Free Basic version

  • Low cost paid version available with free upgrades for life

  • No spyware or adware

What's new

v1.1.0 (2006-07-14)


  • Add: Google Trends Analysis (new form).

  • Add: Support for phpBay API and eBay Widget(free) for creating a quick auction site.

  • Add: Check for updates

  • Add: Support up to 100 words


This is an official version with a summary of the major additions made during the previous betas. The documentation was added for the new features.


For every review about AuctionSiteWriter, we will email you a pack of PLR pack(Private Label Articles). See the AuctionSiteWriter page for more details.

Like my other software, I will update this blog to announced new versions so you might consider subscribing to the RSS by email.
Major policy modifications were made on 1 Cool File:

  • Blogs will be submitted for life from now on. Those with a RSS feed might want to buy the Blog Buffet to get more advantages

  • No more reviews will be needed when submitted for free. We have enough feedback

  • The 1 year restriction for free/paid no longer exist

  • New way to sponsor a blog contest: increased the total prize value and was made easier

  • Clarified the type of blogs that won't be accepted. Blogs will still be manually verified

If you have a blog, please do submit it now!