misfan 20231006 Antistatic Storage Bag – Protect Your Electronic Accessories

Antistatic Storage Bag – Protect Your Electronic Accessories

Antistatic Storage Bag – Protect Your Electronic Accessories

Antistatic Storage Bag – Protect Your Electronic Accessories


Welcome to the world of the Antistatic Storage Bag! This set of 100 resealable ziplock pouches is the perfect solution for storing and protecting your electronic accessories. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a professional, these bags will keep your devices safe from water, static electricity, moisture, and other potential hazards.

Main Features

Waterproof Design

With the Antistatic Storage Bag, you can say goodbye to worries about water damage. The waterproof design ensures that your electronic accessories remain dry and functional, even in wet environments.

Antistatic Protection

Static electricity can be a major concern when it comes to electronic devices. These storage bags are specially designed to provide antistatic protection, preventing any potential damage caused by static discharge.

Resealable Ziplock Pouch

The resealable ziplock pouch feature of these bags allows for easy access and secure closure. You can quickly open and close the bags without worrying about your accessories falling out or getting damaged.

Moisture Barrier

Moisture can be detrimental to electronic components. The Antistatic Storage Bag acts as a moisture barrier, keeping your devices safe and free from any moisture-related issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many bags are included in the set?

The Antistatic Storage Bag set includes 100 resealable ziplock pouches, providing you with ample storage options for your electronic accessories.

2. What size are the bags?

Each bag measures 6x9cm, making them suitable for a wide range of electronic accessories such as cables, adapters, memory cards, and more.

3. Can I reuse the bags?

Absolutely! The Antistatic Storage Bags are designed for multiple uses. Simply reseal the ziplock pouch after each use to ensure the continued protection of your electronic accessories.

4. Are these bags suitable for larger devices?

While the 6x9cm size is ideal for smaller accessories, you can use multiple bags or consider our larger size options for storing larger devices such as tablets or laptops.


Don’t let water, static electricity, or moisture damage your valuable electronic accessories. Invest in the Antistatic Storage Bag set and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your devices are protected. With its waterproof design, antistatic properties, resealable ziplock pouch, and moisture barrier, this storage solution is a must-have for any tech enthusiast or professional. Order your set today and keep your electronic accessories safe and secure!

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