misfan 20230921 Aqua Essentials Colombo Flora Mano Base Black – 5L

Aqua Essentials Colombo Flora Mano Base Black – 5L

Aqua Essentials Colombo Flora Mano Base Black – 5L

Aqua Essentials Colombo Flora Mano Base Black – 5L


Aqua Essentials Colombo Flora Mano Base is a natural substrate that can be used as a top layer in any aquarium, from beginner to expert. Unlike traditional gravel, this substrate offers an open and light porous structure, allowing for rapid and massive bacterial colonization. This promotes stable water conditions and optimal plant growth.

Main Features

Optimal Rooting and Water Penetration

The structural shape of Colombo Flora Mano Base provides plants with optimal rooting and water penetration. This prevents soil compaction and allows plants to grow freely with an abundance of nutrients.

Nutrient Storage and Release

Colombo Mano Base stores excess nutrients and releases them as and when the plants need them. This results in superior planted growth, better water conditioning, and reduced algae blooming.

Natural Clay Composition

Made from natural clay sources, Colombo Flora Mano Base creates a beautiful look in your aquarium. Its soft and rounded nature makes it ideal for bottom dwellers and their delicate barbels.


  1. Wash MonoBase 3 times before using to remove any dust particles.
  2. For optimal results and long-term fertilization, start with placing a layer of Colombo NutriBase on the bottom of your tank (sold separately).
  3. Spread a layer of Mono Base across the bottom, ensuring a depth of at least 5cm. This depth facilitates easier planting, with a higher slope at the back of the tank.
  4. Fill your tank with water, covering only the substrates. Add wood or rock, and then proceed to plant. Spray the plants with water as you plant to prevent drying out. Plan your planting in advance for easier execution.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of using a substrate in an aquarium?

A substrate helps anchor plants down and provides nutrition to the roots. It also alters the pH and water hardness to suit aquarium plants, promoting their growth.

2. Do nutrient-rich substrates require rinsing before use?

No, nutrient-rich substrates like Colombo Flora Mano Base do not need rinsing and are ready to use immediately.

3. Are there different colors available for substrates?

Yes, there is a whole range of colors to choose from. In general, darker substrates are more popular as they appear cleaner for longer.

4. Can some substrates be used as a base layer topped with gravel?

Yes, some substrates are designed to be used as a base layer and can be topped with gravel. Please read the product description before adding it to your tank.

Experience the benefits of Aqua Essentials Colombo Flora Mano Base Black – 5L in your aquarium today. Promote optimal plant growth, stable water conditions, and a beautiful look with this natural substrate.

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