misfan 20230919 BarCraft Lever-Arm Corkscrew Set

BarCraft Lever-Arm Corkscrew Set

BarCraft Lever-Arm Corkscrew Set

BarCraft Lever-Arm Corkscrew Set


When you’ve got a bottle of your favourite wine sat on the side, it’s only natural to want to pop off the cork and get pouring. With BarCraft’s lever arm wine opener set, uncorking that red, white or rose has never been so quick: Three seconds to be precise. This precision-engineered corkscrew generates enough power to pull the stubbornest of corks without any trouble. With its lever-arm, geared mechanism and plush, soft-grip handles, you can open any bottle without breaking a sweat. A complete wine accessories set, it also includes a twist-action wine foil cutter, a spare non-stick worm, a stand, and an airtight wine stopper with a stunning stainless steel finish – so, you can save all the notes and aromas for another day. If you’re looking for wine gifts for the connoisseur in your life, look no further than this lavish, practical set.

Main Features

  • Uncork your favorite red, white or rose in just 3 seconds with this deluxe wine bottle opener
  • The sturdy-geared lever arm and plush soft grip handles help you open bottles with the panache of a pro waiter
  • A sleek design and metal shimmer make this corkscrew ideal for special occasions
  • Includes a stand, foil cutter, spare non-stick worm, and bottle stopper
  • Packed in a lavish presentation box, making it a wonderful gift idea
  • 25 years guarantee

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