misfan 20231004 Firecore Telescopic Leveling Staff 5m – Product Description

Firecore Telescopic Leveling Staff 5m – Product Description

Firecore Telescopic Leveling Staff 5m – Product Description

Firecore Telescopic Leveling Staff 5m


Welcome to the world of precise measurements with the Firecore FLR500A Telescopic Leveling Staff. This innovative tool is designed to assist professionals in construction and surveying projects, ensuring accurate readings and efficient work. Made of high-quality aluminum, this 5m staff offers durability and reliability in various working conditions. Let’s explore its features and benefits in detail.

Main Features

Telescopic Design

The Firecore FLR500A features 5 telescoping sections that extend up to 5m (16ft) and fold down to 1.2m (4ft). This telescopic design allows for easy transportation and storage, making it a convenient tool for professionals on the go.

Aluminium Construction

Made of anodized aluminum profile tubes, this leveling staff ensures play-free guidance without tilting. The high-quality workmanship guarantees long-lasting performance and dimensional accuracy. The aluminum profile is further protected by metal and plastic caps at the base and head, respectively.

Push Button Lock

The Firecore telescopic pole features injection-molded kerfs for smooth sliding and efficient deployment. The high-strength snap-lock mechanism between sections securely holds them in place, preventing slipping and providing extra stability during work.

Spirit Level & Nylon Carrying Bag

To assist in setting up the leveling rod vertically, an attachable bubble level is included. This ensures precise measurements and alignment. Additionally, the staff comes with a waterproof nylon carrying bag with an adjustable shoulder strap, allowing for easy transportation and protection.

Practical & Convenient

The Firecore telescopic leveling staff is a practical and convenient tool for professionals working with Automatic Optical Levels and rotating lasers. It serves as an important helper in various applications, such as installing a laser detector for auxiliary positioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the telescopic staff be used with any type of laser?

Yes, the Firecore FLR500A is compatible with both cross line lasers and rotating lasers, making it a versatile tool for different surveying and construction tasks.

2. Is the staff suitable for outdoor use?

Absolutely! The staff is made of durable aluminum and designed to withstand various working conditions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

3. How accurate are the measurements with this staff?

The Firecore telescopic leveling staff provides precise measurements with its graduations on both sides. Whether you need to measure levellings or heights, this staff ensures accuracy and reliability.

4. Can the staff be adjusted to different heights?

Yes, the telescopic design allows you to adjust the staff to different heights, ranging from 1.2m (4ft) when folded down to 5m (16ft) when fully extended.

5. Is the staff easy to carry around?

Definitely! The staff comes with a nylon carrying bag that has an adjustable shoulder strap. This makes it convenient to carry the staff over your shoulder or keep it tidy when not in use.

Experience precise measurements with the Firecore FLR500A Telescopic Leveling Staff. Made of durable aluminum and equipped with a bubble level, this 5m staff is a reliable tool for professionals in construction and surveying. Order yours today and enhance your work efficiency!

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