misfan 20230902 Lejoux Baby Pushchair Stroller – Lightweight Foldable Travel Buggy

Lejoux Baby Pushchair Stroller – Lightweight Foldable Travel Buggy

Lejoux Baby Pushchair Stroller – Lightweight Foldable Travel Buggy

Lejoux Baby Pushchair Stroller – Lightweight Foldable Travel Buggy

TACKLE FAMILY TRAVEL with ease and efficiency using the LEJOUX Foldable Baby Stroller. Designed for simple 1-handed folding and with a fully adjustable seat for your infant, it is a must-have addition to your baby essentials. With your baby comfortable and content, you are free to relax and enjoy the adventure of a trip to the park or any family outing.

1-Button Folding for Easy Transportation

The LEJOUX Baby Pushchair can be collapsed in as little as 2 seconds with just one button. This feature allows you to quickly board your plane, catch a train, or simply stow it in a car boot and be on your way. The openable handrail makes it easy to put your baby into and remove from the stroller seat, while the stylish leather push handle provides a sure grip and comfortable pushing in any climate.

5-Point Harness for Safety

The 5-point harness of the LEJOUX Baby Pushchair keeps squirming children seated and safe. It is fully adjustable to accommodate your baby’s growth spurts and boasts a single center release button for speed and efficiency. The 1-button brake lever locks the 360-degree swivel wheels, giving you peace of mind while out on the town with your bundle of joy.

Strong Yet Lightweight

The aircraft-grade aluminum frame of the LEJOUX Baby Pushchair is strong enough to support toddlers up to 15kg or about 2-3 years old. Each foldable stroller has been tested before leaving our factory. The retractable canopy with mesh ventilation windows provides protection against UV rays and rain while also giving your baby privacy and a sense of security for napping.

3-Position Seat Back and Adjustable Leg Rest

The LEJOUX Baby Pushchair offers a 3-position seat back and an adjustable leg rest, giving your baby the option to sit up and take in the scenery, recline a little, or lay down for sleeping. The oversize basket below keeps biscuits, nappies, and toys within mum’s reach, and a bottle holder allows for a fast response when the baby becomes fussy. The dual-suspension wheels offer a comfortable, smooth ride over any terrain.


The LEJOUX Baby Pushchair Stroller is the perfect companion for family travel. Its lightweight and foldable design, along with its adjustable features, make it a convenient and comfortable choice for both parents and babies. With its safety features and durable construction, you can trust that your little one will be secure and happy during your adventures. Invest in the LEJOUX Baby Pushchair Stroller and enjoy stress-free family outings!

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