misfan 20230908 OLIGHT PL-3 Valkyrie – Product Description

OLIGHT PL-3 Valkyrie – Product Description

OLIGHT PL-3 Valkyrie – Product Description

OLIGHT PL-3 Valkyrie – Product Description

Introducing the OLIGHT PL-3 Valkyrie, a high-performance flashlight designed for field search and law enforcement. With its impressive features and exceptional performance, this flashlight is a must-have for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Huge Performance

The OLIGHT PL-3 Valkyrie boasts a maximum brightness of 1300 lumens in high mode, allowing you to illuminate even the darkest environments. With a throw of 225 meters, you can easily spot objects in the distance. For indoor use, the flashlight offers a 200-lumen low mode, providing the perfect amount of light without causing discomfort.

Ambidextrous Switches

Equipped with ambidextrous switches, the OLIGHT PL-3 Valkyrie offers convenience and ease of use. The dual mode setting switch allows you to adjust the flashlight according to different scenarios. Whether you need a momentary-on, constant-on, or strobe activation, you can easily control the flashlight with either hand.

Adjustable Key-block

The tail mount of the OLIGHT PL-3 Valkyrie features an industry-leading adjustable Key-block. This innovative design ensures a perfect fit on a variety of rail structures, providing stability and reliability during use. No matter the rail size, this flashlight is compatible and ready to perform.

Superb Compatibility

The OLIGHT PL-3 Valkyrie comes standard with both GL and Picatinny sized rail inserts. The GL insert is already installed, while the Picatinny insert is included in the package. This ensures superb compatibility with a wide range of firearms and accessories, making it a versatile choice for any user.

Reliable and Sturdy

With a strong setscrew, the OLIGHT PL-3 Valkyrie offers enhanced reliability and sturdiness. This feature not only ensures the durability of the product but also allows for easy assembly and disassembly with just one hand. You can rely on this flashlight to withstand the toughest conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the OLIGHT PL-3 Valkyrie waterproof?
  2. Yes, the flashlight is IPX8 waterproof rated, making it suitable for use in wet conditions.

  3. What is the battery life of the PL-3 Valkyrie?
  4. The battery life varies depending on the mode used. In high mode, it can last up to 1.5 hours, while in low mode, it can last up to 6 hours.

  5. Can the flashlight be mounted on a rifle?
  6. Yes, the PL-3 Valkyrie is designed to be mounted on firearms with Picatinny or GL rails.


The OLIGHT PL-3 Valkyrie is a powerful and reliable flashlight that offers exceptional performance in various scenarios. With its high brightness, long throw, and ambidextrous switches, it is suitable for field search, law enforcement, and everyday use. Its adjustable Key-block ensures compatibility with different rail structures, while its sturdy design guarantees durability. Upgrade your lighting game with the OLIGHT PL-3 Valkyrie and experience the difference it makes.

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