misfan 20230906 Silicone Rubber 1:1 High Hardness R PRO 30

Silicone Rubber 1:1 High Hardness R PRO 30

Silicone Rubber 1:1 High Hardness R PRO 30

Silicone Rubber 1:1 High Hardness R PRO 30

Are you looking for the best silicone rubber for mould making? Look no further! Introducing R PRO 30, the ultimate solution for all your mould making needs. With its high hardness and excellent performance, this silicone rubber is perfect for DIY enthusiasts, artists, and craftsmen.

Features and Benefits

1:1 Mix Ratio

R PRO 30 has a perfect 1:1 mix ratio, both by volume and weight. This makes it incredibly easy to use and ensures accurate measurements. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise mould making.

High Performance

With R PRO 30, you can expect nothing but the best. This silicone rubber faithfully copies even the smallest details, allowing you to create stunning castings. What’s more, it offers 15% more castings than other silicone rubbers, making it a cost-effective choice.

Hardness and Elasticity

R PRO 30 creates moulds with a hardness of 30 ShoreA. This means that your moulds will be highly resistant to tearing and can withstand frequent use. Additionally, they are very elastic, ensuring easy demoulding without any damage.

Long-lasting Moulds

The physical life of your moulds depends on how they are used. Casting non-abrasive materials like wax will not affect the details of the moulds, ensuring their longevity. However, casting abrasive materials such as concrete may erode the moulds over time. To prolong their lifespan, clean the moulds with a soap solution and store them properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use R PRO 30 with sulfur-based plasticine?

No, R PRO 30 is not compatible with sulfur-based plasticine. It can inhibit the catalysis process of the silicone rubber. It is recommended to use non-sulfur-based plasticine for best results.

2. How long does it take for R PRO 30 to harden?

R PRO 30 has a pot life of 45 minutes, allowing you enough time to mix and pour. It takes approximately 3 hours to fully harden at room temperature. Please follow the instructions carefully for optimal results.


R PRO 30 is the ultimate silicone rubber for mould making. Its high hardness, excellent performance, and easy-to-use mix ratio make it a top choice for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. Create stunning castings with intricate details and enjoy long-lasting moulds. Get your R PRO 30 silicone rubber kit today and unleash your creativity!

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