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  • Computer icons are great for customizing your desktop and OS UI but if you want to create your own, you need an icon maker software.
  • The list below contains the best Windows 10 icon maker software that will produce stunning results.
  • Adobe Illustrator is an excellent icon making software that you can use to design your own icons.
  • Softorbits Icon Maker and IcoFX are also great icon design software for your system.

6 best icon maker software to download [Stunning quality] (2)

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Adding new shortcut icons to the desktop is a great way to customize Windows. You can download myriad icon packs from various websites.

However, some prefer to design their own icons for Windows with third-party software.

Although you can utilize some image editors to set up your own icons, there are also specialized icon creators for Windows 10.

These are the best programs to design icons with on your Windows 10 computer.

Adobe Illustrator is the go-to icon maker software for PC when planning to design your own Windows desktop icons easily and intuitively.

With Adobe Illustrator, you may start with a simple graphic and turn it into memorable icons for your digital business or holiday projects.

The best thing about this icon maker tool is that it comes as vector-based design software.

This means that you can bring your designs into reality as it easily scales down for mobile screens and lets you go as far as billboard sizes.

The icons finally look crisp and beautiful, yet various effects, styles, and individual characters may be further selected when you plan to give the finishing touches to your icons.

Despite all these countless different options you may choose from, Adobe Illustrator is still incredibly easy to use and has a very intuitive interface.

Therefore, this tool is designed for professionals and newbies alike who need all the bells and whistles to level up their game.

Don’t hesitate to be one of them. You just need to let your imagination run wild and trust your designing skills.

6 best icon maker software to download [Stunning quality] (4)

Free trialVisit website

When talking about creating icons or other UI elements that are smaller in size, few programs come close to Softorbits Icon Maker.

As far as the toolset goes, it has everything you may ever need in order to create a new icon, a new cursor, and generating an icon from pictures in batch.

In fact, If you want to create multiple icons that follow the same style, you can make great use of the program’s bulk mode.

Additionally, Softorbits Icon Maker oversimplifies the icon creation process by introducing a tool that efficiently transforms pictures into icons by simply reducing their size.

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The icons that you create will seem all the more original thanks to the variety of editing tools that you can use.

They include blurring, brightness, contrast, adding perspective, sharpening, adjusting colors, transparency, and much more.

However, the best part about this tool is not what it offers, but how it offers it. The UI is incredibly intuitive, and you don’t need experience with similar programs in order to get around it.

Get Softorbits Icon Maker

IcoFX is among the best all-in-one icon maker software for Windows platforms from XP to 10. This is an icon maker package that includes many of the tools and options you would expect to find in full image editors.

The software enables its users to extract and edit icons for both Windows and Macintosh OS X. IcoFX is not free but you can benefit from a 30-day trial of the software you can try out.

IcoFX has all the options you’ll probably need to design great icons from scratch.

It includes more than 30 tools to edit icons with, which include various brush and pencil, selection, text, gradient, eraser, shape and retouching options.

The software provides more than 40 effects, color correction tools, and layer-based editing for image processing.

IcoFX users can also apply icon customizations to Windows folders. In addition, you can convert various image formats directly to ICO files with resolutions up to 1024 x 1024 and extract icons with this software.

So this is a great program for designing icons, and you can also utilize it for more general photo editing.

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Get IcoFX

Junior Icon Editor 4.37 enables users to create icons from scratch or existing images.

This might not have as many tools and options as IcoFX, but it’s a lightweight freeware alternative you can run on most Windows platforms.

Junior Icon Editor includes a brush, pen, airbrush, shape, line, flood fill, arc, text, color picker, and eraser drawing tools with which to set up new icons.

The software doesn’t come with much in the way of image-processing tools but does include options for flipping, rotating, zooming, and shifting images.

Junior Icon Editor enables you to set up 16 x 16, 32 x 32,, and 48 x 48 icons with a 32-bit color depth. You can also create icons for Windows Mobile, iOS, Linux, and Android platforms with this software.

Get Junior Icon Editor

You can design and convert icons for the Windows, Android, iPhone OS and Mac platforms with Axialis IconWorkshop.

This is also one of the few icon maker programs with which developers can set up image strips for software toolbar icons.

Axialis IconWorkshop is compatible with 64-bit Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 platforms.

Axialis IconWorkshop has an intuitive drag-and-drop UI design. The UI includes a Librarian file manager on the left, a built-in folder browser at the bottom.

It also has the drawing and editing tools on the right of the software’s window and a multi-image UI that enables you to open and edit multiple icons within the same window.

For editing icons, Axialis IconWorkshop includes a range of brushes, pencils, color pickers, shapes, lines, flip and rotate, color fill, and text tools. This isn’t entirely a full-blown image editor, but it does include 13 effects.

It also provides color correction options for adjusting contrast, hue, saturation, etc.

Another good thing about Axialis IconWorkshop is its Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator compatibility.

Axialis IconWorkshop users can import PSD files directly from Photoshop and quickly transfer files between the applications with the IconWorkshop plug-ins.

This software also has 15 Photoshop templates that you can quickly set up icons with.

Get Axialis IconWorkshop

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Greenfish Icon Editor Pro is a highly rated open-source icon maker package for 32 and 64-bit Windows platforms.

You can utilize this software for designing 256 x 256 icons, editing animated cursors, extracting icons, and converting images to ICO formats. There’s also a portable version of the software for USB drives.

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro includes a drawing toolkit from which you can select pencil, line, shape, text editing and advanced selection options.

There’s a Color Picker tool on the right of Icon Editor Pro’s window with which you can adjust colors. Greenfish Pro users can select a range of effects on the software’s Filters menu.

The software supports layer editing, and you can also select Create Windows icon from image and Create Mac icon from image options on its Icon menu.

So this program has most of the tools and options you’ll need for editing icons.

Get Greenfish Icon Editor Pro

Those are six noteworthy icon makers for Windows that include a wide selection of editing options and tools to design innovative shortcut icons and modify existing icon sets.

They are also graphics editors that you can utilize for designing custom cursors and other graphic content. Also, note that you can set up custom icons with web apps such as X-Icon Editor and Free Icon Maker.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Windows computers use the ICO image file format for icons. However, there are many other formats. Here’s a list with the best tools to convert icons.

  • To make an icon from a JPEG or PNG file, you need dedicated software that converts JPEG or PNG image files into ICO files. You can also learn how to download Windows icon packs.

  • You can create your own computer icons by using a dedicated image editor that supports the vector-based design, such as Adobe Illustrator.

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Which software is best for making icon? ›

Adobe Illustrator

For many professional designers, Adobe Illustrator is the gold standard when it comes to creating icons. The software lets users create icons and illustrations from scratch.

What app makes icons? ›

App icons makers & generators

Canva: create and design the app icon from scratch for free. Iconsflow: create an icon design for free. Appicon.co: drop a file here and generate the app icon in all the sizes you need for iOS & Android devices.

How do I create my own icon? ›

Create your own Icon - YouTube

Where can I make icons? ›

IconsFlow is the right tool to start creating a high quality icon set without any photoshop or illustrator skills. You can simply add all the icons you need and change the color of the elements, size and shadow effects. It's easier than you think!

What is icon Maker? ›

Definition. An Icon Maker is a software tool used to create graphics (icons) that represent a concept or meaning for a user. These icons are often used without any description or text and are universally recognizable. An Icon Maker can be a website or an app.

How do I make a graphic icon? ›

How To Make A Modern Icon Design | Adobe Illustrator | Satori Graphics

How do I create a PNG icon? ›

How to convert PNG to ICO
  1. Upload png-file(s) Select files from Computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, URL or by dragging it on the page.
  2. Choose "to ico" Choose ico or any other format you need as a result (more than 200 formats supported)
  3. Download your ico.

How do you make a beautiful app icon that stands out tips? ›

Make Your App Icon Stand Out
  1. Keep it Simple! People seek the easiest way to get what they want. ...
  2. Use Vibrant Colors. ...
  3. Avoid Using Too Much Text. ...
  4. Use Logos only in Strong Branding. ...
  5. Design for Dark Mode. ...
  6. Update Your Icon for Seasonality. ...
  7. Differentiate Your Icon From Competitors. ...
  8. Learn From Competitors' A/B Tests.
Dec 1, 2021

Can I design my own app icons? ›

App Icon Maker lets you create beautiful app icons for customizing your Home Screen! Add custom icons to your Home Screen with just one click and replace your default app icons for all of your favorite apps. Customize each icon with ease and personalize your device! SUPER FAST AND EASY!

How can I create custom app icons for free? ›

How to make your own App Icons + FREE download | Kayla's World

How do I make professional icons? ›

7 GOLDEN RULES For Icon Design *MUST KNOW* - YouTube

How do I create an icon from a JPEG? ›

ICO Converter
  1. Navigate to the ICO Converter website.
  2. Click the "Browse..." button and select your JPEG image.
  3. Select an icon size and icon bit depth. A size between 16 x 16 pixels and 48 x 48 pixels is recommended for most systems. ...
  4. Click the "Convert" button to convert the image and download your new icon file.

How do I create an icon in Word? ›

Insert icons in Microsoft Office
  1. Select Insert > Icons.
  2. Scroll through the icons or jump to a category by choosing a name in the navigation pane at the left. You can also search by using the box near the top left corner.
  3. Choose an icon and then select Insert at the lower right. ...
  4. Rotate, color, and resize your icon.

How do you make an app icon for free? ›

How to make your own App Icons + FREE download | Kayla's World

How do I create an icon for my website? ›

How to create a Favicon for Your Website
  1. Step 1: Create Your Image. You can design a favicon image using an editor like Fireworks, Photoshop, Corel Paint, or a free, open-source alternative like GIMP. ...
  2. Step 2: Convert the Image. ...
  3. Step 3: Upload the Image to Your Website. ...
  4. Step 4: Add Basic HTML Code.

How do I use icon maker? ›

Canvas Icon Maker - YouTube

In this article, we will have a full review of the free Windows movie maker - MiniTool MovieMaker. Read it to know more about this video editing option.

The installation method is simple and easy, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:. After downloading MiniTool MovieMaker, follow the installation guide to install MiniTool MovieMaker.. Quickly make an attractive video with templates Import video, image, and audio in different formats Merge, split, and trim the target video Apply stylish transitions, effects, titles, captions, credits, motions, or animated elements into a video Speed up, slow down, reverse, rotate, flip the video Adjust contrast, saturation, brightness, or add 3D LUT effects to videos Fade in/fade out audio or change its volume Transform video to GIF Support up to 9 tracks to add text and animated elements Change video quality, video bitrate , and video resolution. MiniTool MovieMaker’s recommended systems requirements are mentioned below for users who want to know more about this handy tool:. When you enter the main user interface, click Import Media Files , and find the video clips and images you want to edit.. Follow the steps below to import local audio files to MiniTool MovieMaker:. Launch MiniTool MovieMaker.. On the main interface, find the Media tab and tap on Import Media Files .. It is the best video editing software for beginners, which means it comes with all the standard tools that users need to merge a video, add music, apply effects, and edit the finished work before exporting it to the local device or sharing it on social media.

When you need to make a panoramic photograph, you can learn about 15 best panorama stitching software for Windows/Mac/online from the article.

All you have to do is to find an appropriate panorama stitching software, which can align and stitch photos or RAW files to panoramas free.. Just choose a series of photos and a stitching mode to make a panoramic photograph.. Win DownloadMac Download Step 1 : Once you have launched WidsMob Panorama, you can select photos or RAW files by clicking Add Photos button, or drag and drop the series of photos that you want to make panorama into the program.. PanoramaPlus is not only a popular photo editor for Windows, but also a panoramic stitcher on Windows.. For the free panorama software is not focused on photo stitching, you cannot find the different panorama stitch modes or adjust the effects of the panoramas accordingly.. WidsMob Panorama is professional panorama software to create panorama automatically.. Moreover, it is a free panorama software to stitch photos into a panorama.. With Photoaf 3D Panorama Pro , you can use the build-in camera of Android to take panoramic photos, and then you program will automatically stitch the serial of photos to create a panorama, after that you can add 3D effects to panorama photo.. And then stitch the images or photos into stunning panorama with the above panorama software.

How to animate text in your Vlog, films or business ad videos? Royalty-free text animation templates could help you to add text to video quickly. Avoid learning how to use Adobe After Effects, Filmora and Filmstockprovide 1000+ stylish text animations for you.

The following guide will show you step by step how you can add text effects to your videos.. The first step is to bring your videos that you want to edit into Filmora Video Editor.. Download animated text effects in Filmstock. Find your desired theme effect pack in Filmstock, for example, you try to add Birthday title animation in your video.. Add animated text in your videos

The best free logo maker for creating stunning branding.

While you wouldn't use one for a paying client, a free logo maker is just the thing when you need to come up with a simple logo, fast, whether you're testing out ideas for a project or need something quick for a presentation.. I've found a selection of the best free logo makers around, ideal for generating simple designs when you don't have the time or inclination to break out Illustrator CC.. While all the logo makers I've listed here enable you to create a usable logo for free, you should bear in mind that the majority of them also have paid options, and that some features are only available to paying users.. Here I'm looking exclusively at the best free logo makers, but if you're serious about logo design then you should definitely consider spending some money on it.. Even on a meagre budget, you can expand your options and access more sophisticated tools, and after all, nobody designed any of the best logos ever with a free logo maker.. (Image credit: Rachael Sharpe)Canva provides a comprehensive online design suite that does much more than logos, but that said, if you need one of the best free logo makers around then its Logo Maker is one of our top choices.. Tailor Brands' Logo Maker makes things a lot easier with an AI-powered system that makes the process a lot less haphazard; it'll ask you for your business's name and what it does, then get you to decide whether you want an icon, text or initial-based logo, then it'll try to pin down the sort of design style you want by asking you to choose between a few options.. It's easy to get started: provide it with facts about the business you're creating the logo for, pick a logo style that looks good to you and specify how you'll be using it, then you'll be presented with loads of options to look at.. It's one of the more hands-on options among the best free logo makers, and with a friendly and intuitive front end, not to mention more fonts and other tools than Ucraft's option, it's a strong choice; we'd like it even more if it allowed you to use gradients as well as flat fills, but you can't have everything.. Want to keep your options open when you're choosing one of the best free logo makers?. DesignEvo's Free Logo Maker lets you work however you want; there are over 6,000 templates that you can browse if you want to a head start on your design, but if you're set on going it alone you can start from scratch too, with a blank layout and build a logo using symbols, shapes and fonts.. There are some completely free logo makers, and Canva Logo Maker is widely regarded to be the best totally free logo maker around.. When looking for a top free logo maker, ask yourself some key questions and see if the features and process of the logo maker match what you need.

What is Ken Burns effect? How do you use Ken Burn effect in your clips? Check out this post and you'll find the 7 best Ken Burns effect video editing software.

What video editor can create Ken Burns effects for photos and videos?. This post will tell you what Ken Burns effect is and offer you the 7 Best Ken Burns effect software (including MiniTool MovieMaker ).. According to Wikipedia, the Ken Burns effect is a type of panning and zooming effect used in film and video production from still imagery.. Microsoft Photos MiniTool MovieMaker VSDC Free Video Editor VideoPad Video Editor iMovie Final Cut Pro X Adobe Premiere Pro. It supports importing photos, GIFs and videos, so you can create Ken Burns effects for video clips, images and animated GIFs.. You can use this video editor to trim videos , split videos, rotate videos, flip videos , add text to videos, apply filters to videos, change video speed, add background music to videos, etc.. With it, you can add and remove Ken Burns effect from your media file easily, and make Ken Burns effect run faster by speeding up the clip.. Since it supports image formats, you can make a photo slideshow with Ken Burns effect, or add zoom effect to a photo and export it as GIF or MP4 format.. To apply pan and zoom effects to videos or images, you can use another Ken Burns effect software – VSDC Free Video Editor.. Here are some useful functions: remove green background, edit 360-degree videos, do color correction, apply split screen effect and picture to picture effect, record screen, record voice, convert 3D video to 2D, and more.. VideoPad Video Editor is a free video editing software (with optional paid options) developed by NCH Software.. iMovie has all the features of an excellent video editor such as Ken Burns effect, green screen effect , crop, and others.. You can add the Ken Burns effect to video clips or photos to zoom in or zoom out these clips or photos.. Final Cut Pro X is a professional video editing software developed by Apple Inc. with Ken Burns effect, Advanced color grading, High Dynamic Range (HDR) support, Multicam editing and magnetic timeline.. After you edit your video, you are able to open the video project in Audition and After Effects for further editing.

With Picmaker's library of customizable templates, it takes only minutes to create an eye-catching flyer. And it's free!

6 reasons to use Picmaker’s free flyer maker to design your flyer.. Get all icons, emojis, fonts, and shapes in Picmaker’s free online flyer maker.. From YouTube. thumbnails, graphics for all social media posts, ads, banners, flyers, to even your coffee mug stickers,. we’ve got you covered everywhere.. Yes, Picmaker’s flyer maker lets you share your flyers over social media.. How to design an advertising flyer + 15 free templates. How to design a flyer in 2022?

Want to download YouTube Videos? Check our 12 proven ways about how to download YouTube videos without any software. It's done in one minute.

This is why you may look up how to download YouTube videos without any software, right?. We’re glad to inform you that you’ve reached the right place as we’re going to discuss full step by step tutorials on how to download YouTube videos without any software!. For this purpose, we have brought to the proven ways with step by step tutorial on how to download YouTube videos without any software .. Here’s the step by step tutorial on how to download YouTube videos without any software with YouTubeMP4.. Simply use the steps below to download your favorite YouTube video.. Step 3: Lastly, hit on the ‘Click here’ link and you’re YouTube video will be download to your device storage.. Lastly, push the “Download” button and within a short span of time, YouTube video will be downloaded to your storage.. This free website is completely safe and reliable to use and you can easily get your favorite video with you when your priority is to download YouTube videos without any software.. Step 2: Now, whenever you select the video on YouTube, a download button will appear, and click on that and your video will be downloaded.. Step 3: After clicking on the download, you can choose the format in which you want your video to be downloaded.

Compare the best map making software in 2022 (GIS and Fantasy Maps). We researched the 12 very best mapping software available online. One in particular stood out.

GIS software is more than simple mapping software.. Desktop GIS Software: This type of software typically ranges between $1,000-$20,000 per user and provides personal productivity tools for a wider variety of users across a broader section of industries.. Price : You can try Visme for free , but the free version is quite limited.. Looking to make custom maps of the world?. Then why not create a customized Google Map for yourself?. While many of the mapping tools are available in the free version, the pro version offers users more advanced editing tools, formats, and a wide variety of security options.. With this program, users can create a variety of fantasy maps, including city, region, and world maps, with some excellent color and visual customization options.. Regardless of which option you are looking for, there is quite a few map making software options out there for you to choose from!

Best free online photo printing software to enhance images & publish in different formats. Can add effects, highlight & elements to get best printed images.

Regardless of whether you’re new to online photo printing and framing or a seasoned expert, free photo printing software helps you print fantastic photos at the click of a button.. Print photos in different sizes: Additionally, you can conveniently print photos in all sizes with this photo printer software.. What makes PhotoElf one of the best photo printing software is that it offers the services of both a photo printing software and an image editor.. Customizable cards: You can create cards for special occasions using your photos and even create browser-based albums Editing digital images: Using this printing software, you can add watermarks and logos to your digital images Print different images on one page: This photo print software lets you print up to 16 different images on a single page.. Photo gifts, canvas prints, photo books or photo cards, create all these easily with Snapfish photo printing software.. Photo effects: Pos Multiple Image Printing Wizard is one of the best free printing software when it comes to creating, editing and enhancing your photos.. Rich photo format support: This print program also lets you customize and print index prints or original photo albums Ready to use template: Using Pos Printing Wizard, you get access to numerous readymade templates to print pictures in a single sheet.. Whether you are looking to print photo albums, greeting cards, photo prints or any other unique photo presents – Nations Photo Lab should be your go to website.. HP Photo Printing Software, GIMP and PhotoElf are among the best free photo printing software.


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