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The GTA 4 APK Obb zip file for Android is now available for free download, and no verification is required. Android users can download GTA 4 for free with no human verification. It’s a great achievement by the developer that you can download gta 4 apk directly from MediaFire. On your Android phone or tablet, you can now enjoy the incredible open-world 3D graphics of Rockstar GTA 4. This GTA 4 apk can be installed and played on any Android device, including low-end Androids like 2.3 and 2.2.

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2 GTA 4 Apk Download

3 Features of GTA 4 Apk No Verification

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4 GTA 4 Apk 90MB Android Gameplay

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GTA 4 Apk

All you need to do is download the apk file and the Obb data file, and you’ll have everything you need to play GTA 4. The gta 4 apk and obb data files will be downloaded at the same time. For such a massive 3D game, this 200MB file can be easily downloaded using any downloader. Other versions of this under 100Mb are available, and these games can be run on Android 2.3 as well.

GTA 4 Apk OBB Download For Android [Offline Version] - Apk2me (2)

If you want to play this game on your Android device, you’ll need at least 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage, a version of Android 7.0 or higher, and an adequate battery life. If you have an Android device that meets these requirements, you can download, install, and play this game on your phone or tablet with ease now.

GTA 4 Apk OBB Download For Android [Offline Version] - Apk2me (3)

Game Story

Niko Bellic, a former soldier from Eastern Europe, boards the Platypus, a cargo ship bound for Liberty City, in search of a man who betrayed his unit in a war ten years earlier and helped him escape his criminal past. He discovers, upon reuniting with Roman his cousin, that his stories of riches were nothing more than a smokescreen for the reality of his small, filthy apartment, his unsuccessful taxi business, his gambling debts, and his ongoing legal battle with loan sharks.

As a result of helping Roman, Niko is introduced to the city’s criminal underworld. Yardies underboss Little Jacob becomes Niko’s best friend and he is forced to work for Roman’s Russian loan shark, Vlad Glebov, whom Niko eventually kills after discovering that he had slept with Roman’s girlfriend Mallorie.

Russian mafia boss Mikhail Faustin and his lieutenant Dimitri Rascalov order the kidnapping of Niko and Roman as retaliation. Faustin employs Niko as a hitman, eventually ordering him to kill the son of Russian crime lord Kenny Petrovi, a task that Faustin is indifferent to.

Dimitri persuades Niko to kill Faustin when Petrovi threatens retaliation. It’s Ray Bulgarin, who accuses Niko of theft during a botched human trafficking job years earlier, who then betrays and brings Niko to his former employer. Firefight ensues, allowing Dimitri and Bulgarin to flee. Niko denies the allegation.

More about Story

Dimitri’s men set fire to Niko and Roman’s apartment and taxi company, forcing them to flee to Bohan. Meanwhile, Dimitri kidnaps Roman in a failed attempt to lure Niko into a trap. His girlfriend Michelle turns out to be a government agent and lures Niko into working for her agency, the United Liberty Paper, later on.

By killing several known or suspected terrorists, the agency can clear Niko’s name and help him track down the traitor he’s been searching for. As a result of receiving a large sum of insurance money from his destroyed business, Roman is able to rebuild it and purchase an apartment in Algonquin. Niko’s fortunes also improve. Romancing Mallorie, Roman proposes, and she accepts!

Niko meets gangster Patrick McReary while working for the Irish Mob and assists him and his brothers in committing a bank heist. The Pegorino crime family caporegime Ray Boccino later hires Niko to oversee a botched diamond deal. As a way of saying thanks to Niko, Boccino helps him track down former unit member Florian Cravic, now going by the name Bernie Crane, who claims he was not the traitor.

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What’s Next in the GTA 4 Mobile Apk OBB

After killing Boccino, a police informant, Niko continues to work for the Mafia in Liberty City, earning the trust of Don Jimmy Pegorino. To ransom Don Giovanni Ancelotti’s daughter for the diamonds, Niko helps Patrick kidnap Don Giovanni’s daughter, but Bulgarin intercepts the exchange and the diamonds are lost.

Darko is eventually located by the Paper, who then transports him to Liberty City, where Niko will make a decision regarding his fate. Niko is summoned by Pegorino for one final favour: to assist Dimitri and Pegorino in an extremely lucrative heroin deal. Either Niko and Dimitri can come to an agreement, or Niko will get even. Dimitri betrays Niko once more if he goes through with the deal and keeps the heroin for himself.

An assassin sent by Dimitri accidentally kills Roman at Roman’s wedding reception. Niko, who is distraught, kills Dimitri, who in turn killed Pegorino, with the help of Little Jacob. Niko vows to protect Roman’s child after Mallorie tells him she is pregnant. If Niko decides to get even, he can board the Platypus, find Dimitri, and shoot him. By accident, Pegorino accidentally kills Kate, the sister of Patrick’s ex-boyfriend Patrick, who had been dating Niko. Niko kills Pegorino with the help of Little Jacob and Roman. When Roman reveals that Mallorie is pregnant, he tells Niko that they’ve decided to name the baby Kate if it’s a girl.

GTA 4 Apk Download

GTA 4, the latest instalment in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series, is a highly addictive and phenomenally popular game. Next to GTA 3 apk, GTA 4 has new characters, bosses, missions, and better graphics than the previous version. In my spare time, I’ve enjoyed playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto III, two excellent games. As of today, Grand Theft Auto IV is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 3. (PS3). And it’s now coming to all gaming platforms in the near future.

A YouTuber and game developer, GKD Gaming Studio, created this version of Grand Theft Auto 4. He deserves a lot of credit for creating such a wonderful Android game. If you’re looking for an Android open-world game with better graphics than any other on the market, this is the one for you. If you’re looking for the full version of GTA 4 on Android, this is it. For free, you can get the same experience as playing the original mobile version of the game. There is no need to worry about compatibility because it will work flawlessly on any Android version higher than 7.0.

Features of GTA 4 Apk No Verification

  • In spite of the fact that it is a beta version, the game does include some missions. The last five missions are the most difficult and adventurous of the game’s 10-15 missions. Keep an eye on this website for more challenging and dangerous missions in future updates of this game.
  • As one of the most important aspects of this game, the visuals were a major draw. In comparison to its size, the graphics are absolutely stunning. The roads and cars appear to be real, and the background and character appear to be vibrant.
  • However, even though this is a beta version created by GKD gaming studio, the game begins with a playable version of a character from Grand Theft Auto IV. The fact that you can play a test version of a game and still have access to nearly all of the game’s essential features is amazing.
  • The controls are simple and straightforward, and the Gamepad is a great tool for controlling both the character and the vehicles. The gamepad comes pre-configured with all the necessary buttons, such as those for fighting, grabbing a car, jumping, and so on.

GTA 4 Apk 90MB Android Gameplay

Open-world games like Grand Theft Auto IV for mobile are nothing new; you can go anywhere, take anyone’s car, fight anyone you want, and do a lot more with guns. Get guns from a shop and play pranks on the cops so they bring their helicopter and tanks. Messing around is hands down the most entertaining thing you can do, anywhere. Hand to hand fights with random strangers on the street are both hilarious and amazing.

This is a computer-generated world where you can live and act like a badass, just like in all the other GTA games. Drive the cars and bikes as fast as you can, complete the missions, and then take off on your own. As far as I’m aware, you can play this game without the need for a network connection. As soon as the apk is installed, the obb will be downloaded and set up automatically.

How To Download GTA 4 Apk OBB For Android Without Verification

  1. Take advantage of this link to download the GTA 4 Apk and OBB Zip File.
  2. Because it’s a mediafire link, there’s no need to double-check it.
  3. GTA 4 apk for Android can be downloaded and installed directly.
  4. Check to see if your Android phone has allowed installation from untrusted sources. Then you need to do this.
  5. Just open your Android system and search for Unknown sources on the search bar, and then simply enable it.
  6. Activate the app and begin playing immediately.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameGTA 4 Apk
DeveloperFreaky Studios
GenreOpen World
Online / OfflineOffline


Can we download GTA 4 in Android OBB file? ›

Now, you can play GTA 4 or GTA 5 on your Android phone. How? Just you need an Android phone running on 4.0+ Android version and GTA 4 Apk with obb data. Don't worry, we are sharing all the required files in this article.

Can I download GTA 4 on Android? ›

Can you download GTA 4 for Android and iPhone? Since GTA 4 is not officially launched by Rockstar on Google Play Store or App Store, you cannot download the game to your Android or iOS device. You can only stream the game on your smartphone using Steam Link as mentioned above.

Can I play GTA 4 offline? ›

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition

you have to make a new "offline profile" for games for windows live and only use that account when you want to play offline. hit the "home button" when your in the game and you should be able to log out of the profile your using and make the new offline profile.

How many GB is GTA 4 offline? ›

Install the game 4. Install finish and open the game and enjoy your game.
JBD GTA IV Rockstar Games {Offline} PC Game (for PC)
Operating SystemWindows Vista - SP 1 / Windows XP SP 3
NVIDIA GraphicNvidia GeForce 7900 256 MB
3 more rows

How do I install OBB files? ›

  1. Open file manager.
  2. Go for android folder.
  3. Open obb folder.
  4. These is the place for obb file.
  5. Just cut your obb file and paste here.
  6. DONE.

Can GTA 4 run on 1GB RAM? ›

The minimum RAM requirement from Rockstar is 1GB, but your PC is likely to massively exceed this nowadays. If possible, make sure your have 4 GB in order to meet the GTA IV requirements. The minimum graphics card you need to run Grand Theft Auto 4 on is an ATI Radeon X1900.

How can I install GTA 4? ›

To install GTA 4 using a DVD copy, place the DVD in your computer's DVD-ROM bay and close it. Then, wait for your computer to read the disk, choose a program to run it, and select which language you want to install. Next, Rockstar Social Club should pop up so you can accept their terms and install their software.

Can we use phone in GTA 4? ›

Press UP on your d-pad or keyboard, which lets you use the phone.

Can we run GTA 5 on Android? ›

Open world games have been quite popular with the Grand Theft Auto series of games. Games such as GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas from the GTA series are available for smartphones. Unfortunately, GTA 5 is not available for smartphones, and here are some of the alternatives that are available on Android and iOS.

How many GB is GTA 4 setup? ›

According to Rockstar Games official website, the disk space required to download GTA 4 is around 22 GB. It is highly recommended that players have at least 22 GB free on their system before trying to install the game.

Is GTA 4 story mode good? ›

In summary, GTA 4 has a great story, but it doesn't do a great job at telling it efficiently. Moments of dramatic weight are often juxtaposed with a joke or gag that doesn't land or is simply out-of-place.

Where is GTA 4 save file? ›

GTA 4 Game Save Location

Paste %LocalAppData%\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames into the address bar at the top of the File Explorer window and hit ENTER. And that's you inside your GTA 4 game saves folder!

Can I run GTA 4 in 2GB RAM? ›

Yes,you run gta4 on 2gb ram pc but if you 4GB to 8GB RAM PC its give you much better experience of GTA4.

Can I run GTA 4 in 3gb RAM? ›

Your CPU should be at least an Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 or an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+. GTA4 only needs 1.5 GB of RAM to run so pretty much any modern PC should meet or exceed these specs. Don't forget to clear up at least 32 GB of space on your harddrive.

Can GTA V run on 4 GB RAM? ›

Can I run GTA 5 with 4GB of RAM? One can run GTA 5 game with 4GB of RAM. One of the minimum requirements for the game is to have 4GB of RAM. That said, you will still need a graphics card of 2GB along with an i3 processor in order to run the game smoothly.

Can we download OBB file? ›

Navigate to the very beginning of the path, and find the "Android" folder, and then click on it. Next, obb. Click on the Unpack icon at the bottom right: After that the program will start unpacking the archive, which may take from several seconds to several minutes, you will see the progress of unpacking.

Where is OBB folder in Android? ›

Go to playstore and install Files by Google. Then in settings go to apps section and select Files by Google. Change setting to allow changing system settings. Now you can see the content of the obb folder on the internal storage under /Android in the app Files by Google.

How do I open an OBB file? ›

You need a suitable software like Android Studio from Google to open an OBB file. Without proper software you will receive a Windows message "How do you want to open this file?" or "Windows cannot open this file" or a similar Mac/iPhone/Android alert.

Can GTA 4 run on 512mb graphics card? ›

No it will not run. GTA IV is one of the most un-optimized games for PC and it runs terribly on even powerful laptops and PC's. Your laptop is not powerful and so it will not run.

Can I play GTA 4 on 2GB graphics card? ›

GTA 4 is a well optimised game so you will be able to play it on 2GB RAM and You will not be in need of external graphic card but I think you will be in need some sort of integrated graphics (may be 300MB) would be good.

Is 2GB graphics card enough for GTA 4? ›

No. You need at least 4 GB video RAM to run high end games at 1080p (and even that will only get you up to “medium” settings at best; if you want to play at “high” settings, then a better number to look for is 8 GB VRAM).

How do you mod cars in GTA 4? ›

How do you mod a car in GTA IV?
  1. Head over to
  2. Choose the car you want and download the files.
  3. Highlight the files within the . ...
  4. Rename the files to the name of the car you wish to replace.
  5. Open the folder in GTA IV > PC > Models > CD Images > Vehicles. ...
  6. Drag and drop the files from the desktop into this folder.

Can you download GTA 4 32 bit? ›

Yes, you can run GTA IV in 32 bit Windows 7, but you need at least 4gb RAM , 18gb hard drive free space, Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4Ghz / AMD Phenom X3 2.1Ghz, 512MB NVIDIA 8600 / 512MB ATI 3870 graphics card, DirectX 9 Surround Sound Card.

Can you get a girlfriend in GTA 4? ›

Thankfully, GTA 4 lets you have girlfriends, which is a mechanic that makes its return from San Andreas. There are five potential girlfriends in the game that Niko can date. Some are unlocked by progressing through the story while others have to be met on the in-game internet.

Can you buy cars in GTA 4? ›

Luckily, learning how to buy a car in GTA 4 is easy. Just head over to Auto Eroticar, which is located in Alderney City at the intersection of Keneckie Avenue and Lockowski Avenue. Alternatively, you can buy a Turismo at the Grotti Showroom. This is located on Mulholland Drive in Rodeo.

Can you eat in GTA 4? ›

Grand Theft Auto IV

In GTA IV, eating returns to the function it originally had in GTA Vice City, as hunger is no longer factored into the game. Like in GTA San Andreas, the player can acquire food and drink at fast food outlets (Cluckin' Bell and Burger Shot), as well as street vendors and vending machines.

Can GTA 5 run on 1gb RAM Android? ›

Yes you can. Provided you have a minimum of 1gb vram. It's highly recommended that you have a dedicated graphic card of atleast 1gb vram capacity to run GTA V in low settings . I run GTA V with texture quality high, and all the other settings very high / ultra.

How many GB is GTA on Android? ›

GTA San Andreas for Android and iOS: File size on mobiles

GTA San Andreas takes up about 2.61 GB of storage space on Android smartphones. For a better and smoother experience, players are suggested to have at least 3 GB of space on their devices.

Can GTA 4 run smoothly on 4GB RAM? ›

Yes, it is indeed possible to play GTA IV with 4GB RAM. In fact, you could play it with integrated graphics as well.

Can GTA 4 run on 8gb RAM? ›

No. GTA IV is quite demanding on GPU. It'll probably not even launch without detecting a graphics card, without tweaks.

How many hours is GTA 4 main story? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Grand Theft Auto IV is about 27½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 76 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Which girlfriend is best in GTA 4? ›

Despite her troublesome family, Kate McReary is one of the nicest characters in GTA 4. Niko Bellic takes a liking to her almost instantly.

Which GTA has best story? ›

GTA 5 has one of the best stories in the series, and these are some of the best missions from Rockstar Games' hit entry to the franchise.

Is GTA 4 good for kids? ›

Parents need to know that this game isn't for kids in any way. This new version is as controversial as its predecessors, letting you lead a life of crime, shoot police officers, drink and drive, and have sex with prostitutes.

How do you reset GTA 4 original files? ›

The simplest method would be to just delete your game files (in the Steam client), right click Grand Theft Auto IV and click "Delete Local Content..." Then go to your c:\program files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ folder and manually delete the grand theft auto iv folder from there.

Can I install mods in GTA 4? ›

GTA 4 on PC allows users to install modifications to the game to improve the gaming experience. Car mods are great for changing the look of some of the cars in the game, which provides a refreshing new take on driving around the city.

Can you save Roman GTA 4? ›

Depending on the player's choice, the GTA 4 ending will result in the death of a loved one. Roman dies if the player takes the deal, while Kate dies if they seek revenge. GTA 4 players must pick their poison here, as they can only choose one ending. As a result, they cannot save both Roman and Kate.

Can GTA 4 run on 128mb VRAM? ›

You can't.

Can you play GTA 4 without graphics card 4GB RAM? ›

You can play GTA IV (low, 768p, 30 fps) only if you have Intel HD Graphics 4400 or higher GPU paired with an i3 4130 or equivalent CPU and 4GB of RAM.

Can Far Cry 4 run on 2GB RAM? ›

FAR CRY 4 [DVD] OFFINE (REQUIRES 4 GB RAM & 2GB GRAPHICS) (PHYSICAL DVD, for PC) Rated PEGI 16, this game features depictions of violence or sexual activity which look the same as would be expected in real life. It also features the use of tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs, and the extreme usage of bad language.

How many MB is GTA 4? ›

According to the Rockstar Warehouse the total download size of the GTA 4 is around 22GB so before heading to the download process make sure you have enough disk space to download the game and install it on your laptop or PC.

What is the size of GTA V? ›

Game is around 37 GB and you have to download it own. You will not get any disc's, pendrive or any other media storage.

Can I run GTA 4 in 4K? ›

Game runs nicely at 4K with DXVK. Of course graphics power needs to be at some, high(er) level to run 4K but my old GTX 1050Ti runs this 1440p 60fps (default settings).

Is 8GB RAM enough for gaming? ›

8GB is considered the minimum requirement for effective gaming on PCs. Anything below 8GB of RAM will result in slower performance speed, lackluster graphics settings, and more. Doling out the extra cash for at least 8GB of RAM is well worth it.

Is 5gb of RAM enough for GTA 5? ›

The minimum requirement of gta v is 4 gb ram so the answer is yes , you can play gta v on 5 gb ram .

Can 8GB RAM run fortnite? ›

Games such as Cyberpunk 2077, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Rainbow 6 Seige (R6), and World of Warcraft Shadowlands are playable with 8GB RAM.

What OBB file contains? ›

An OBB file is an expansion file used by some Android apps distributed using the Google Play online store. It contains data that is not stored in the application's main package (. APK file), such as graphics, media files, and other large program assets. OBB files are often stored in a device's shared storage folder.

How do I download OBB files for GTA 5 Android? ›

3) Go to download folder in Ex File Explorer app, you will see GTA 5 Data Zip file there which is names as com.rockstargames.gtasa. Now, extract this Zip file to Android >> OBB. (If there is no OBB folder in Android folder then create new folder in it and name it as Obb and extract your file in it.)

Where are hidden OBB files? ›

Using Default File Explorer:

For that, you need to open the App drawer and then open File Manager. After that, you can click on the dotted menus and select settings. Then enable the Option Show Hidden Files. The default File Explorer will show you the hidden files.

What is an OBB code? ›

An OBB file is an expansion file that contains additional data that is in addition to the Android APK file.

What is the size of OBB file? ›

Each time you upload an APK, you have the option to add one or two OBB files to that APK, and each file can be up to 2GB. The main expansion file, which includes the main assets and additional resources of your app.

How install OBB file in mobile APK? ›

How to Install Apps and Games with Apk and Obb Files in Android?
  1. Install the apk file of the app or game that you downloaded.
  2. Do not open the game/app.
  3. Make sure the obb folder is named in the form “com. ...
  4. Now Copy this folder to "Android/Obb" folder in your internal memory.

Is OBB a zip file? ›

obb files should be zipped with the "Store" compression method, but this produced a . zip file that's about 36,000 KB larger than the original .

Can GTA 4 run on 512MB graphics card? ›

No it will not run. GTA IV is one of the most un-optimized games for PC and it runs terribly on even powerful laptops and PC's. Your laptop is not powerful and so it will not run.

Can 2GB RAM run GTA 4? ›

GTA 4 is a well optimised game so you will be able to play it on 2GB RAM and You will not be in need of external graphic card but I think you will be in need some sort of integrated graphics (may be 300MB) would be good.

How do I fix an OBB file error? ›

Make sure the game is not active in the background. Using your favorite file manager (such as Solid Explorer, ES File Explorer, or if you have Marshmallow 6.0, the built-in one), go to the OBB folder via File Manager > Android > obb. Delete the Terraria OBB folder com.

How do I install an APK app? ›

How to Install an APK File on Android
  1. Open your Android device's file explorer app. ...
  2. Locate your APK file in your file explorer app and select it.
  3. The APK installer menu will appear—tap Install. ...
  4. Allow time for the app to install.
  5. Tap Done or Open once the installation is complete.
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