Skillet Flatbread Recipe | Easy No Yeast Naan (2023)

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Learn how to make soft and fluffy no yeast flatbread with this quick and easy recipe that tastes like classic homemade naan bread! Perfect as an appetizer with garlic dip or as a side dish with curry or other dishes.

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Quick skillet flatbread Recipe – no oven needed!

I love homemade vegan naan bread, but sometimes I just want to make a super quick and easy version without using yeast! For this recipe you only need a few simple ingredients that you may have already in your pantry. Also, a bowl, a wooden spoon and a skillet or non-stick pan – that’s it! You don’t need to let the bread dough rise or turn on an oven. It’s that simple!

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And the best part is that this pan bread tastes just as good as a classic flatbread made with yeast. You should definitely give it a try and then you’ll probably always make your bread this way!

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Ingredients for this recipe

This recipe is very simple and only requires a few inexpensive ingredients and 15 minutes prep time.

  • Flour: all-purpose or spelt flour will make the flatbread super soft and fluffy! But you could also use a mix of light and whole wheat flours, or a gluten-free flour blend. You can also find tips for making a protein bread below.
  • Baking agents: a combination of baking powder, baking soda and apple cider vinegar works wonders and makes the bread dough wonderfully light and fluffy!
  • Salt: for flavor.
  • Soy quark: adds elasticity and moisture and has similar properties to eggs. Alternatively, you could use silken tofu or another thick dairy-free yogurt to achieve a similar result.
  • Water: as a base for the dough. For a smoother consistency, I add a little olive oil, but you could leave it out.

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How to make flatbread without yeast

As always, I recommend checking out this step-by-step instruction first. Then you can find the full recipe with the exact measurements in the recipe card below!

Step 1: Make the bread dough.

First, whisk together the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a bowl. Then add water, soy curd (or silken tofu or yogurt), olive oil, and apple cider vinegar and knead until an airy dough forms. Cover the dough and set aside for 10 minutes.

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(Video) Garlic naan in a cast iron skillet — tawa-style (no yeast, no oven)

Step 2: Form flatbreads and bake!

Then divide the bread dough into 4-8 portions (depending on the size you want) and form it into round or oval-shaped flatbreads. Heat a skillet or non-stick pan with a little oil and cook the flatbreads for about 5 minutes per side. That’s it!

Tip: Once done cooking, spray your breads with a little water or wrap them in a damp tea towel to keep them soft and pliable longer!

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Vegan garlic dip

I like to sprinkle my flatbread with some parsley and sesame seeds and then serve it with a delicious garlic dip. To make it, you just need to mix the following ingredients together:

  • Soy yogurt: or other dairy-free yogurt
  • Vegan mayonnaise
  • Garlic cloves: pressed
  • Parsley: finely chopped
  • Lemon juice: a squeeze for some freshness
  • Salt and pepper: to taste

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What can I eat with flatbread?

Just like vegan naan, you can serve this skillet flatbread not only as an appetizer or snack, but also as a side dish to all kinds of dishes. Especially with Indian dishes like lentil dal or warming soups and creamycurries, a side of bread always goes well! And if you’re craving a vegan kebab or jackfruit gyros wraps, this recipe is also great for making quick pita bread!

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Make a protein bread or gluten-free flatbread

Want more protein in your bread or make it gluten-free? No problem! Actually, these options work well, too:

  • If you want to make protein flatbread with less carbs, you could replace 100g of the flour with a neutral vegan protein powder.
  • This recipe also works with a gluten-free flour blend.

How to store homemade flatbread? Can I freeze it?

Bread always tastes best when freshly baked! However, if stored in a sealable fresh food box or airtight bag, it will keep for about 5 days in the refrigerator. Then, before serving, simply warm the flatbread briefly in a pan, in the oven, or a few seconds in the microwave until it soft and delicious again! You can also freeze the bread for up to three months.

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This quick no yeast skillet flatbread recipe is:

  • Very easy to make
  • Naturally vegan
  • Can be made gluten-free
  • Versatile to use
  • Soft & fluffy
  • Totally delicious
  • Perfect as a side dish to many dishes

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If you try this easy skillet flatbread recipe, feel free to leave me a comment and a star rating! And if you take a picture of your delicious bread and share it on Instagram, please tag me @biancazapatka and use the hashtag #biancazapatka because I love seeing your remakes! Have fun trying! 🙂

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Quick Naan Flatbread (only 15 minutes!)

Author: Bianca Zapatka

Learn how to make soft and fluffy no yeast flatbread with this quick and easy recipe that tastes like classic homemade naan bread! Perfect as an appetizer with garlic dip or as a side dish with curry or other dishes.

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Prep Time 5 mins

Course Appetizer, Basics, Dip, Side Dish

(Video) Only 3 Ingredients - Pita Bread at home - Flatbread Recipe (No Oven No Yeast ) - Pita Bread Recipe

Cuisine American, German, Indian

Servings 8 Servings

Calories 145.1 kcal



  • 2 ½ cups (300 g) flour all-purpose, spelt or gluten-free flour, *see notes
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp baking soda
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ½ cup (120 ml) water
  • cup (60 g) soy quark or silken-firm tofu or another thick dairy-free yogurt (*see notes)
  • 1 tbsp olive oil or other vegetable oil
  • 1 tsp apple cider vinegar or white vinegar or lemon juice

Garlic dip

  • ¾ cup (160 g) soy yogurt or other yogurt
  • 3-4 tbsp vegan mayonnaise
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic pressed
  • 2 tbsp parsley finely chopped
  • 1 squeeze of lemon juice
  • salt and pepper to taste

For garnish (optional)


*Note: Check out the video + step-by-step instructions in the blog post above!


  • Tip: After cooking, spray your flatbreads with a little water or wrap them in a damp tea towel to keep them soft and pliable longer!
  • Flour: Instead of all-purpose or spelt flour, you can use a gluten-free 1 to 1 flour blend.
  • Soy quark: I usually use "Alpro Skyr" unsweetened which has a similar consistency to silken-firm tofu or thick yogurt. You can use or another thick dairy-free yogurt of your choice. If you have only regular yogurt with a more "watery" consistency, use ½ cup (120g) of it and only cup (60ml) of water to get a similar result.
  • More information about the ingredients and instructions for storing, freezing, reheating and shelf life are mentioned in the blog post above!
(Video) Quick and Easy Flatbread Recipe (No Yeast)


Serving: 1Flatbread | Calories: 145.1kcal | Carbohydrates: 29.1g | Protein: 5.2g | Fat: 0.5g | Saturated Fat: 0.1g | Sodium: 73.3mg | Potassium: 40.3mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 0.5g | Calcium: 20.8mg | Iron: 1.8mg

Nutrition is calculated automatically and should be used as estimate.

Did you make this recipe?Mention @biancazapatka or tag #biancazapatka!


Skillet Flatbread Recipe | Easy No Yeast Naan (18)

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(Video) Tender & Flaky Gluten Free Vegan Flatbreads (No-Yeast Naan Breads!)


Is flatbread and naan bread the same? ›

Both of the Naan bread and pita bread are known as flatbreads. They each have yeast raised dough. The difference between the two is that Naan is usually made with an egg and yogurt base that thickens and gives it a different texture when cooking.

Is Indian flatbread the same as naan? ›

Naan is another flatbread traditionally served in Indian restaurants but the difference is that there will already be a filling inside these flatbread pockets. Naan may be stuffed with curd, fresh desiccated coconut, butter, nigella seeds, and raisins.

Is naan flatbread the same as pita bread? ›

These two flatbreads, naan and pita are sometimes mistaken, but they're very different! Naan is thicker and more enriched making it softer. Pitas are a leaner flatbread that is ideal for stuffing with salads, falafel or kebab meat.

Is naan unleavened bread? ›

When we think about Indian cuisine, the first things that come to mind are naan and curry. Naan is leavened flatbread prepared with all-purpose flour, wheat flour or a combination of both. Traditionally, it is cooked in a tandoor (or clay oven), but these days oven-baked naan bread is quite popular.

Which is healthier pita or naan? ›

Due to the ingredients of pita, pita flatbread is healthier than naan. Naan includes high-fat and high-calorie elements like yogurt, butter, and oil, rendering it less healthy (albeit a tad more delicious, in my opinion.)

What is bread without yeast called? ›

Unleavened bread is any of a wide variety of breads which are prepared without using rising agents such as yeast. Unleavened breads are generally flat breads; however, not all flat breads are unleavened. Unleavened breads, such as the tortilla and roti, are staple foods in Central America and South Asia, respectively.

Why is naan bread healthy? ›

Naan bread can be part of a healthy diet, especially if you choose whole grain varieties. Naan bread contains vitamins and minerals like niacin, fiber, and iron, as well as fiber. It also is a good source of carbohydrates, which provide energy.

Why is naan bread so high in calories? ›

A typical Naan bread contains many fats such as butter, oil, eggs, and yogurt. This means that you can expect some fat to be in the bread rather than just carbs. This makes it harder to eat when sticking to a healthy diet as it pushes your diet to consist mainly of carbs and fats.

What is fried naan called? ›

Bhatura is deep-fried naan bread,” the chef says, adding that yogurt is used in the dough as a raising agent. The crisp, puffed-up bread is predominaantly eaten for breakfast alongside chana masala (chickpea stew). The leavened bread originated in the state of Punjab.


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